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YC RS2/RS3 Pro Interlink Module #DJRS-MK

YC RS2/RS3 Pro Interlink Module #DJRS-MK

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YC Onion APP

Colorist X APP

Key Features

  • Mounts on DJI RS 2 RSA Port
  • Powers on with Gimbal
  • Indicator for Power/Bluetooth Connection

Use the YC Onion app to control your DJI RS 2 gimbal from your cell phone by mounting this YC RS2 Interlink Module from YC Onion on the gimbal. Not only does the Interlink Module allow you to control your gimbal, but it also allows you to link the app to other devices, such as the optional Hot Dog 3 Motorized Slider, and control both linked devices as if they were a single unit. The Interlink Module powers automatically when you turn the gimbal on. An LED indicator glows white when the module is powered and then blue once the module is linked to the app.

Paring with YC Onion HOT DOG 3.0 Motorized Slider

*This module will only be compatible with DJI RS2 and DJI RS3 Pro.
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