Warranty Policy

YC Onion (hereinafter referred to as "we") is the operator of www.yconion.com. By placing an order on this website, you agree to the following warranty terms. These terms are intended to ensure that both parties understand and comply with the relevant provisions, thereby safeguarding the interests of both parties and clarifying our service expectations.

After-sales Policy

YC Onion has always cared about your shopping experience, and all YC Onion products purchased through official channels are entitled to a 365-day warranty (starting from the date of purchase).

If your product experiences any quality-related issues within the warranty period, please do not hesitate to contact your purchasing store or contact us at aftersales@yconion.com.

You can request after-sales service under these situations

  • Products purchased through official channels are eligible for this service. We do not provide after-sales service for YC Onion products purchased through unofficial channels or channels without dealer certification.
  • Products purchased within the warranty period are eligible for this service.
  • Quality issues related to manufacturing persist after replacement.

The following situations do not qualify for after-sales service

  • Products that have exceeded the warranty period.
  • Non-quality-related issues.
  • Damage caused by misuse of the product (including but not limited to: drops, extreme temperatures, water, improper operation).
  • Repairs by third parties.
  • Damage caused by external factors.
  • Products without sufficient purchase proof.
  • Products not applied for after-sales.
  • Lost or stolen products.
  • Free products.

In the following cases, the buyer bears the shipping costs

  • For warranty claims unrelated to quality, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs (including cross-border and international shipping costs, where applicable).
  • Returning items claimed to be defective but found to be in normal condition by the quality control department.
  • Buyer-initiated accidental returns.
  • Incorrectly returned personal items.
  • Any expenses related to returns not authorized by YC Onion (such as insurance, expedited fees, etc.).

After-sales Instructions

If you wish to apply for after-sales, please contact us within the warranty period. Contact YC Onion using the email address registered for your purchase (aftersales@yconion.com), and provide the following information:

  1. Order invoice.
  2. Registered email.
  3. Name and quantity of products requiring after-sales service.
  4. Serial number of defective items and/or visible evidence describing the defects.

We will process your after-sales application within one to two business days after receiving your email. If your after-sales request is accepted, we will send you a return shipping label and instructions on how and where to ship the package. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at aftersales@yconion.com.


  • Items returned to us without prior return authorization will not be accepted.
  • For defective items that need to be returned, if the wrong items are returned or defective items are not returned, the after-sales application for these replacement items will be invalidated.
  • Limited warranty is only valid for the purchasing country/region. Limited warranty is void for items taken out of the originally purchased country/region or directly shipped from authorized online purchases to a different country/region.

Customer Service

For all customer service inquiries, please email us: info@yconion.com.