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YC ONION Kiwi 2-Person Wireless Microphone #WM_F1

YC ONION Kiwi 2-Person Wireless Microphone #WM_F1

Audio amplifers

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Transmitter Receiver
Dimensions 13*23.5*22.5 mm 47*23.5*24.5 mm
Net weight 6.5 g 20 g
Battery capacity 160 mAh 280 mAh
Running time 8hrs 8hrs
Service range front 50m, back 10m


The smallest wireless mic existing, size of a lipstick
Ultra-small & light-weighted TX with a strong magnet for hidden recording
Stick the TX to RX to charge, last for 8 hrs max
Monitoring at the RX
3 Modes: noise canceling, acoustic, reverb
Perfect for sports/vlogging, for phones & cameras

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