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BURGER SE Motorized Pan Head #HBG-A

BURGER SE Motorized Pan Head #HBG-A

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BURGER SE Motorized Pan Head

Ultra-high payload, ensuring smooth shooting

Key Features

  • HIGH PAYLOAD. Horizontal payload 15 kg, vertical payload 3 kg
  • Using a 2.5mm shutter cable, Compatible with most cameras
  • Type-C power supply. About 20 hours using a 10000hAm power bank. Sony NP-F550 series battery power supply, Sony NP-F550 battery ≈5 hours, F750 battery ≈9 hours, F970 battery ≈ 13 hours
  • Upper 1/4 screw, lower 1/4 screw hole,
    1/4 and 3/8 screw holes on the side

*The battery is not included, needs to be purchased separately

*A screw hole adapter is included for 3/8 screw, tripod, and other accessories

*A 1/4 to 3/8 screw cap is included for tripod head with 3/8 screw hole and other accessories


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