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YC ONION HOT DOG Prlx & Pan Manual Slider

YC ONION HOT DOG Prlx & Pan Manual Slider

Electric conductor rails

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YC Onion APP

Colorist X APP

High-quality Carbon Fiber Aviation Aluminum Alloy

  • Light material, easy to carry
  • Large-diameter disc, compatible with various types of tripod heads
  • High-precision level gradient to find the balance point
  • 15 imported bearings for smoother shooting

ARRI Gear Support Legs

  • More changes, strong load-bearing capacity
  • 360-degree finely adjusted Arri gear support legs, adapt to various shooting terrain
  • Retractable support legs and spherical design feet, provide stronger stability

Simple Adjustable Follow Focus Bar

  • Super smooth, easy to adjust

3 Features of Shots for Videos & Time Lapses

  • Easy switch between pan, parallax and panoramic. Provide more options for your camera movement

Add a BUN Motor to Upgrade to HOT DOG 3.0 Motorized Slider

    • Instant switch between manual and motorized 

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