COCONUT 75mm Bowl Head : The First Bowl Head with a Top Lever Locking Mechanism

COCONUT 75mm Bowl Head : The First Bowl Head with a Top Lever Locking Mechanism

The bowl head tripod has been around for a long time, and it can only mount with a bowl head that comes with a bottom screw. Now with the COCONUT 75 mm Bowl Head, flat-based tripod heads can also mount on tripods with a 75mm bowl.

The way to unlock the traditional bowl head is to rotate the grip at the bottom of the bowl. But some of the cons can be annoying:

  • The locking mechanismis in between the legs of the tripod which is inconvenient.
  • Low center of gravity. It can be a huge risk when unlocking the bowl head with a heavy camera on top.
  • Endless turning of the bottom grip when switching between different support setups.
  • The height of the tripod is limited by the grip.
  • There is no damping system when adjusting the tightness.
  • Many of them do not come with a bubble level.

Why COCONUT 75mm Bowl Head?

COCONUT 75 mm Bowl Head is a brand new design. It uses a top lever locking mechanism.

You can adjust the camera’s horizon by simply opening or tightening the lever above the tripod. And it comes with a built-in visible bubble level.

With a 3/8”-16 screw on top and 2 set screws for extra stability, it’s compatible with a majority of the flat-based tripod heads on the market.

The bottom part is for adjusting the damping of the bowl head. Once you get a smooth movement of the bowl head and lock it by the bottom base locking knob, you will never need to adjust it. Therefore the risk is greatly reduced when unlocking the COCONUT with a heavy camera on top.

And because the length of the bottom part is greatly shortened, it’s perfect for low-angle shooting and way more convenient to install and disassemble.

How to Setup with COCONUT 75mm Bowl Head?


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