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LASAGNA Teleprompter with APP


YC Onion LASAGNA Teleprompter with APP

Film Making / Broadcasting / Show Recording,
Compatible with Phone & SLR & Tablet

Key Features

  • Foldable Structural Design, can be folded to the size of a book, easy to fold and carry it around
  • Compatible with PDF, WORD files, Word Wrap, Preserve Formatting, Provide most suitable text layout method for users
  • Quick-release design, instant switch between phone / tablet
  • High Quality Beam Splitter Glass
  • Ultra Wide Angle, 24mm Focal Length. Perfect solution for teleprompter using wide angle lens. Present full-frame 24mm focal length
  • Various Lens Adapter Ring
  • Oxford Cloth & Leather Texture carry box

*When using tablet as reader, support up to 30-35mm full-frame focal length (10 inch)
*When using phone as reader, support up to 24mm full-frame focal length
*When using tablet as reader in vertical shooting mode, support up to 50mm full-   frame focal length (10 inch)
*When using phone as reader in vertical shooting mode, support up to 35mm full-frame focal length

*Teleprompter does not support wide angle lens, vignetting appears in the corner
*Teleprompter supports wide angle lens, no vignetting in the corner
*The lens distortion of the SLR full-frame lens at the 24mm focal length will cause the black edge in the picture. For SLR cameras, it is recommended to use the widest focal length above 30mm (Full frame mirrorless support 24mm)